Dax1001 offers the trading of energy products, especially crude oil and natural gas.

Oil is one of the main barometers in the economy. It is one of the main raw materials for producing most of the crucial products for our daily life such as gasoline, plastics, mineral fertilizer, etc. Natural gas is mostly an environmental source of energy which makes it one of the most appealing energy sources.

The energies sector offers the trading of energy products, specifically crude oil and natural gas. Energies are volatile markets because of the direct impact world events can have on supply. So, trade oil and gas now with Dax1001 and enjoy the benefits of these markets as they allow for fast and efficient trade execution.

Energies trading can be realized by means of futures or CFD-contracts. The idea is to get profit from oil and gas price fluctuations without the transferring ownership of assets.

The advantages of the CFD trade include:

  • trading fractional units;
  • earning on both, rises and falls of energies’ prices;
  • no need to physically deliver the goods;
  • leverage increasing the amount of your trade capabilities up to 100 times.

Dax1001 provides its clients access to a multifunctional trading platform with unique analytical capabilities, a large number of indicators of technical analysis and trade bots. Our clients can also get assistance from trade experts.

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