When economic times are uncertain, many people turn to precious metals as an investment. Platinum, silver, and especially gold have intrinsic value. Whether or not the times are worrisome, adding precious metals can assist in your pursuit of profit.

What should you start with Dax1001 Company?

  1. Make some research into the precious metals market. You should understand it perfectly well.
  2. Determine which metals you’d like to invest in. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are the ones most commonly offered.
  3. Choose the method of investment that would be most profitable for you. If you want to physically trade metals, you have to account for storage or shipping.

Mind, that precious metals are assets with minimal volatility and high liquidity. Movement of their prices is fairly easy to forecast, so trading in gold and silver is an excellent option for both experienced traders and beginners.

Since ancient times, gold is a sort of "safe harbor": capital flows to it from all over the world during periods of world economic crises. This feature makes precious metals a fairly predictable asset - its price shows the greatest growth during the fall of stock indices and the US dollar rate.

You do not need to have a big capital to earn on precious metals. Using CFD-contracts for gold, you can trade in fractional lots, and make a profit on the difference in the value of the asset. In addition, Dax1001 provides its customers with a leverage (up to 1:100), through which you can significantly expand your trading opportunities.

Trading CFD for precious metals has several advantages:

  • the opportunity to earn both on growth, and on the fall of the price of the asset;
  • lower costs compared to spot-trading of metal ingots;
  • the ability to trade in 24/5 mode.

Dax1001’s support team provides the best conditions for earning money in financial markets. We suggest you to test it personally by opening a trading account on our platform.

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