Shares trading is the buying and selling of company stock – or derivative products based on company stock – in the hope of making a profit. The stock market is more predictable than the Forex international currency market is more. There is either a specific enterprise or a group of enterprises behind every financial instrument. This allows to take into account both macro- and microeconomic indicators, such as quarterly profit, revenue, sales volumes and other indicators of the enterprise success.

While trading shares you should remember about such issues:

  • You can benefit from a variety of well-known shares without having to physically purchase the asset.
  • Gain exposure to share price movements of global companies from wherever you are.
  • By trading shares in the form of a CFD you can benefit from price movements while maximizing your returns using leverage.

Nowadays, trade in shares isn’t accessible only to large investors, who have large capital. Everyone can make money now on changes in the value of securities. Small investors got a chance to take part in stock market trading due to the appearance of derivative financial instruments - CFD contracts. Trading CFD-contracts has a lot of advantages in comparison with traditional trade of shares:

  • You can earn both on growth and on the fall of the value of shares;
  • You do not need to have a lot of capital to buy securities;
  • There are no transaction costs inherent in the physical purchase of shares;
  • You can sell the shares at any time at the best market price.

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